On Thursday, November 5, 2020 (prior to the 7 pm Meeting &
Demo), the Summerville Artist Guild will have several tables set up for a
“Treasures Sale.” Most of us probably have arts & crafts “treasures” that
haven’t seen the light of day in 5, 10, 15 years! If these items are new or in
good condition, then please bring them to the November 5th meeting priced
and ready to sell.
All proceeds will go towards the 2021 Summerville
Rocks Project.

In the past, Summerville Rocks has helped present more than $30,000 in
scholarships for Dorchester District 2 graduating high school students and will
be funding adult artists pursuing further education. Organizations, merchants,
and individuals sponsored this program by purchasing the unfinished rocking
chairs, and Summerville Artist Guild members volunteered to paint these adult
and children’s chairs. No big auctions are in the works in our near future, but
we will be working to fund those scholarships in smaller ways. More
information about Summerville Rocks will be made available in 2021.

Suggested Items that artists would find useful could be: picture frames, figurines, arts & craft supplies, books, easels, light boxes, work table
lights, plants, and reasonably priced artwork, crafts or jewelry. There will be limitations, of course, such as no appliances, no large furniture,
clothing, shoes, miss-matched coffee mugs, National Geographic magazines, etc. What does not sell will either go home with you or may be kept
for a future event.

Please send a picture of your donated item/s to Jan at artist.jankelley@gmail.com by Sunday, October 25, 2020 so we can send pictures
to members ahead of time of what is on sale.
** Items may be purchased after the email of pictures has been sent. Arrangements for
pickup will be made as needed.
**Any remaining items should be brought to the SAG meeting by 5:45 pm. the day of the
**You will be notified to bring said items.
If you have questions, please contact Susan Griebel @ segriebel@gmail.com.
Summerville Rocks committee members are Diana Barth and Jan Kelley.
Treasures Sale